Day 25 (February 14,2019)- My Valentine’s Day

Love, Love, Love. My Valentine’s Day was wonderful I may not have a romantic date but I have dates with my dorm mates. I also received love letters not from a man but from my students. I also received a gift not from a secret admirer but from Miss Nur and Sir Eddie. See I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Soedirman has been our training ground for almost a month. Training ground that I will never forget.

We went there at 10 am while roaming around because we will surely miss this school specially the students. The students run to us and hug us, some were very sad that we will go back to the Philippines already and they said to us to please comeback. We had a simple farewell with the vice curriculum of the Mr. Eddie and Ms. Nurhikmat they handed us our certificates and they also gave us a presents. After that we went to every class we handle to say goodbye.

With the caring and very patient Ms. Nurhikmat,
Awarding of certificates

Exchange of tokens

With some students of Soedirman
I’m so glad tha I’m part of the Sea- Teachers program of Seameo

Letter from a students and the gift from Ms. Nur
My 3Aks boy students
My 3H girls students
With the vice curriculum Mr. EDDIE

Since we only have few days left in Indonesia, I promised to myself I need to taste some of their famous food. So I bought bakso for lunch, and I did not regret it, the taste is so good specially the giant meat balls.


I also met UMI one of the sea- teacher from UHAMKA and she gave me Mie Ayam. The Mie Ayam has a sweet taste and it was so good also.

Mie Ayam

I also bought some street foods.Like Chicken intestine, molen and onde-onde which is a mini butchi.

Chicken Intestine
Onde-onde and molen

Dinda was so generous she gave us mangosteen and dragon fruit. Since then I really want to know how mangosteen taste like, but it was so expensive in Ilocos that’s why I never tried to taste it before, so I’m glad that I was able to taste mangosteen in Indonesia.

Mangosteen and dragon fruit

At Night we had a small gathering in our room we envited our dormates to bond with us. They are the one who really helped us at the dorm. The night was full of fun we talked so many silly things and some are even singing. It’s so nice that with them we feel comfortable they made our stay in Indonesia worth remembering.

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