Day 26 ( February 15,2019)- Last Bonding

Time to explore Jakarta for the last time.Prior this day I asked Dinda if we can go out. Dinda was so nice to accompany us and have a bonding with us for the last time.

With Dinda

We rode a train going to central Jakarta and it is my first time.

Inside the train

First we went to Kota Tua. Kota Tua means old town. If Ilocos has Vigan then Jakarta has Kota Tua. Indonesia was colonized by duth so in Kota Tua we saw colonial style Dutch structures.

Second We went to the biggest Cathedral in Indonesia, I was amazed with the structure of the church it is very beautiful and elegant.

In front of the Cathedral

Third we went to Istiqlal the biggest mosque in Indonesia. Which is just in front the Cathedral. What a nice scenery to see a biggest mosque and cathedral just facing each other, you can see the respect on both religion.

Museum mandiri

Fourth we went to Plaza Indonesia one of the biggest malls in Indonesia and it was very luxurious mall.

Then we went to National Museum just in front of Monas.

Beautiful work of art in front of the National Museum of Indonesia

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