The Things I have learned as a SEA-TEACHER

“Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone”- Billy Cox

My sea-teacher journey was wonderful though I still had some bad experiences that I encountered but that’s the reality of life. Life is not perfect so as my journey but it the end it made me a better person. Through this sea teacher program I grow as a person from the preparation until I came back from Indonesia. From the beginning I learned how to be patient, because I was the last to part of the sea-teacher.

I’m not a risk taker before but I must say joining this program is the biggest risk I made.  I’m the play safe person but through this program I got the courage to step out of my comfort zone. To be in the country you’ve never been is quite hard, doing things you’re not used to is harder, but being away from your love ones is the hardest. These were the challenges I faces through this journey, which made me stronger person.

Sea-teacher program opens my eyes to the reality of the world and what else to learn. This is true that when you step out away from your comfort zone you will see more chances and you can see what else can you do. Before I joined this program, I have many doubts in myself I don’t even have enough confidence just like the other participants maybe. Through this program my confidence as a person was boost. I’m not used in speaking in English before, but now I’m now confident to speak in English to communicate in English, I realized that I can do it I’m just hesitant before. Through this program I also see the beauty behind the differences of different culture. I learned to understand the culture of Indonesia as well as their religion, I have so much respect how faithful and disciplined they are. In understanding and respecting other culture, I also appreciate more the own culture.

Sea-teacher program opens my eyes to a better teaching world. That there are still strategies to discover for better teaching, there still room for improvement for education. The teaching world is hard but wonderful. Through this program I learned to love teaching even more. After the program I know I still have more to learn but I’m proud to say that I am now equipped with experience. I learned to work independently, to make lesson on my own and to do my materials all alone. I learned how to make used of the materials I have for activities.

My whole sea-teacher experience thought me how to take risk in reaching my dreams. All the experiences made me a better individual now and I will treasure it forever.

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