Blog orientation

Last January 21 I joined th.e SEMEO Blog-orientation and it was a really big help for me because it is my first time to make a blog. They also give us some details for our requirements or required reports. I have learned ..alot from Mr. Purnomo, how to start a blog and how to personalized it. Mr. Nithan also discussed about what are the important things to include in the blog.


Preparation prevents poor performance- Charlie Butch

During the orientation

Last January 9,2019 we had our General Orientation. Our coordinators reminded us all the important details. They taught us everything we need to do at the airport and what will gonna do if we have problems. They prepared us so that we can be successful in our journey as SEA TEACHERS. And they wished as luck and they reminded us to do our best always.

The Teacher To Be

I’m Samantha Nicole Tagari, I’m from the Eastern most town of Ilocos Norte,Solsona. Turning 20 this January 21. I am my mother’s only child,I was raised by my grandparents. To be a teacher was not my first love, but it was my mom’s dream for me.

As what they say mother’s knows best, so I followed what my mom’s want for me.That was one of the best decisions that I made. I’m now a fourth year student at Mariano Marcos State University College of Teacher education taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education. Teaching may not be my first love but as years pass by I learned to love it and I realized this is my destiny. Teaching is not easy as it seems but it is very fulfilling, it opens my eyes to see the beauty of touching others life and in inspiring others to become a better person. Now that I’m now in my last year there’s no turning back.

And as teacher to be I will do my best to put in practice all the lessons that I learned the principles that I developed in the past years. Student teaching will be a fun and challenging but I’m now prepared to take all the challenges and joy. Game on, as my venture as student teacher starts now.

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