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School: General Information and Academic Administration

  • School profile

Name of Institution: SD Islam P.B. Soedirman

NPSN: 20109146

Established in: 1966

Address: JI. Raya Bogor Km. 24 Cijantung, Jakarta Timur

Urban village (Kelurahan) : Cijantung

Sub-district (Kecamatan) : Pasar Rebo

City: Jakarta

Province: DKI Jakarta

Regency: East Jakarta

Phone number: (021) 8403327

Fax: (021) 8400387

Website/ Email:

School status: Private

School Principal: RAMDONI,M.Pd


Priority, service to students partnering with the community in shaping human beings who have superior strength of faith and piety in science and technology, exemplary behavior leading in achievement and global insight.


Produce graduates who have moral virtues.

  1. Implement a dynamic KTSP curriculum.
  2. Produce excellent graduates in the academic and non-academic fields at national and international levels.
  3. Increase teacher professionalism.
  4. Optimize the use of IT in learning.
  5. Increase the potential of students through academic and non-academic competitions at national and international levels.
  6. Improve the partnership relationship of parents and community students.
  7. Make the school as a second place.


1. Form a faithful person, devoted to Allah SWT and obey worship.

2. Form a commendable morality and character through school culture and habituation.

3. Providing basic knowledge in the form of academic and non-academic skills to students to move on to the next level

4. Providing basic knowledge in the form of skills, skills to be able to live independently.

5. Form students who are intelligent, capable, skilled, honest and confident and sensitive to the surrounding environment

6. Equip students to be able to compete in the era of globalization and master communication and technology information

7. Principals, teachers, employees and students are aware of their responsibilities according to their duties and functions

8. Excellence in the academic field shows increasing and satisfying achievements, in line with expectations

9. Structuring the classroom and comfortable environment in accordance with its utilization.

10. Improvement of achievements in non-academic fields (sports and arts) in accordance with optimal coaching


1. School of ASEAN Regional Coalition Members (SEAMEO).

2. APEC Member Schools – ICT – Model School Network

3. Acceleration Service Program Program School

4. The school has Bilingual Class service

5. Islamic Based Private Schools

6. Has teaching staff / teachers with qualifications of undergraduate (S1) and 9 s2 educators.

7. Educators have optimal ICT capabilities to support the learning process

8. Facilities and infrastructure to support learning are available on a standard basis.

9. Having students with quite a lot of 1,409 students


1. Activities return to SEAMEO and APEC Regional Coalition Schools

2. Develop a curriculum and learning process that is distinctive based on the national curriculum enriched with an international curriculum that is in line with the vision and mission of PB Soedirman Islamic Elementary School by taking into account the unique conditions of each child.

3. Implement and strengthen bilingual programs in acceleration and class III programs that have been prepared to lead to the breakdown of International Standard Schools.

4. Development of Learning Process based on IT and ICT.

5. Develop assessment by emphasizing Authentic Assessment. That is more focused on the assessment process (qualitative) besides quantitative assessment; obtained through a more oriented assessment technique for portfolio research (collection of works and student achievements throughout the learning process)

6. The development of the values of cultural education and national character that are integrated in each of the Competency Standards and Basic Competencies of each subject. And these values are integrated in the syllabus and lesson plans.

7. Development of Graduates’ Competency Standards based on the National Education Standards and Standards from one of the OECD member countries that has become a reference.

8. Pioneering Partnerships with schools or educational institutions both national and international

9. Optimize service.

10. Condition an orderly atmosphere in worship

11. Successful school accreditation in 2017

12. achieve maximum results in academic and non-academic competitions

13. Success of Examination 2017-2018

14. Creating a clean, healthy, green and conducive school atmosphere

15. Implemented International Class program

16. Orderly school administration

  • Academic support system

There are 3 Class service programs in Soedirman, the Special Class, the International Class Programc and Learning Acceleration Program (Acceleration)

The main academic support system of Soedirman are their facilities, each students has one book per subject and students has one Qur’an each. Each classroom has slides projector. The school also integrates technology in learning that’s why they have ICT room and computer room which is available for the students. The teacher doesn’t just rely to their books for activity, every teacher room has wifi connection so that the teacher can also search some innovative activities for the students. The school has science laboratory and speech lab for the advance learning of the students.

  • Teaching system

The teaching system of Soedirman is based in their curriculum. They follow the PPP strategy/ method which is Presentation, Practice and Production. First the teacher present the lesson then activity and after that the students must have a product related to the lesson. The teacher follows a certain schedule, in a week learning they meet 5 days, and class schedule starts 6:45 am to 2:45 pm but on Friday classes ends at 10:30.

Sample schedule of Ma’am Mita, English Teacher at Soedirman
Sample of class schedule
  • Materials and other learning sources

Soedirman is equipped with different infrastructures and improved study materials such as 56 air conditioned rooms, slide projector each class, 5 laboratories, 2 libraries, 1 ICT room, 1 mosque, 3 sports ware house, 4speakers, 3amplifier, 6 microphone 2 wirelss,10 VCD player, 8 printers, 3 telephones, 1 fax machines and 100 computer, where in these learning resources teachers and students will help them to learn more quickly and access information easily. With these, the students, the teachers, and other stakeholders can give a greater impact with the school on how to provide a quality education by using wisely their learning facilities and resources.

  • Measurement and evaluation system

Soedirman teachers evaluate the students through Authentic Evaluation. They assess the students through their performance in class they provide various hands on activities. They give summative test every end of the lesson or topic before they move on to other topics. They also give evaluation test every end of discussion to monitor the students if they can follow and to assess their performance. The teacher used this kind of assessment to keep the students on track and all the test are aligned with their curriculum. And at the end of every semester there is a Final Semester Examination, the purpose is to measure the achievement of basic Competency and Competency Standards carried out in the semester.

  • Curriculum

The curriculum used to fulfill all service programs


  1. Ministry of National Education curriculum (KTSP)

The Ministry of National Education curriculum is used with the intention to meet national standards, but in its implementation modifications and development are carried out so that the effectiveness of the results can be guaranteed. Class I and Class IV use the 2013 curriculum

  1. Typical Foundation Curriculum

The Foundation’s distinctive curriculum is a self-compiled curriculum based on needs that is in line with the Foundation’s vision, mission and objectives that are not met from the national curriculum or others.

  1. International curriculum (from OECD member countries)

The international curriculum is used for the development and deepening of the national curriculum. The application of the curriculum is for services in the Acceleration and International Class classes. It is expected that the development and deepening of the national curriculum with the international curriculum will have global competitiveness with a strong insight into nationalism. The curriculum used includes: Singapore Curriculum

  • Teaching plan (of your major)

In making the teaching plan the teacher gather together for a meeting and there they set the scheduled of each class. They make a lesson plan based on the competency, where it has the arrangement of activity in class. First they check the attendance and make sure that the classroom is in condition for learning. Second they will all pray together. Third is the discussion then activity. And last is the evaluation or exercises.

Lesson plan of Ms. Mitta , English teacher at Soedirman.

Pedagogical Contents

  • Teaching methods of the teacher(s) that you observed

The Soedirman uses the Students-Centered Approach, the High-tech Approach and the Low tech approach. The teacher role was just a facilitator during the class the teachers ask the students often, the teachers always give chance to the students to express their thoughts in the class. I also noticed that the teachers always give group activity and group quiz. Each room has projector slides because they integrate technology in teaching but not every class or lesson they use it there are some teachers who used it often for the discussion and other presentation of the lesson and teachers don’t only rely on the books they also research at the need some activity and information for teaching. Though they integrates high tech approach sometimes they also use the low teach approach like doing hand on activity and letting the students also to write. They follow also the PPP strategy which is Presentation, Practice and Product.

  • Their learning materials and innovation

Each classroom has projector slides where the teachers uses it for teaching. In the room there are also white board and pens. Each students has books on their own also and Quran. The school has also ICT room for computer, because they also have class related to computer. And during their reading time the students also go to the library. They also used materials which is available in the classroom to support their lesson.

  • Sources of learning and technology used by the teachers

The Teachers based their lesson on their competencies. They used the also the books for reference. They also integrates technology by using powerpoint presentation during the discussion because each room has slide projector. The teachers are also use to surf the net for more reference for the lesson and for activities of the students.

  • Authentic assessment used by the teachers

The teacher used direct activities to assess the students. Some teacher also used group work where there is a real life activities just like in one class the teacher used a selling activity which they can use in real life. The teacher also used to give activity where the students create a story. The teachers also collects portfolios for assessment.

  • Others

What I observed teacher loves to integrate games and group activities during discussion and activities, because students in Soedirman Loves to PLAY.

Teaching Plan

  • Curriculum

The curriculum used to fulfill all service programs classes include:

  1. Ministry of National Education curriculum (KTSP)

The Ministry of National Education curriculum is used with the intention to meet national standards, but in its implementation modifications and development are carried out so that the effectiveness of the results can be guaranteed. Class I and Class IV use the 2013 curriculum

  1. Typical Foundation Curriculum

The Foundation’s distinctive curriculum is a self-compiled curriculum based on needs that is in line with the Foundation’s vision, mission and objectives that are not met from the national curriculum or others.

  1. International curriculum (from OECD member countries)

The international curriculum is used for the development and deepening of the national curriculum. The application of the curriculum is for services in the Acceleration and International Class classes. It is expected that the development and deepening of the national curriculum with the international curriculum will have global competitiveness with a strong insight into nationalism. The curriculum used includes: Singapore Curriculum

  • Teaching plan related to your major

In making the teaching plan the teacher gather together for a meeting and there they set the scheduled of each class. They make a lesson plan based on the competency, where it has the arrangement of activity in class. First they check the attendance and make sure that the classroom is in condition for learning. Second they will all pray together. Third is the discussion then activity. And last is the evaluation or exercises. The lesson plan serves as the teaching plan for the teachers.

Sample lesson plan of Ms. Mitta English teacher at Soedirman


Teaching Practice

Procedures of your teaching


It seems like yesterday I was just a student listening to my teacher. I still couldn’t believe that I’m now at my first actual teaching. I’m nervous yet excited.

When the teacher gave me my topic which is Perimeter and area of triangle, rectangle and square I ask immediately their books for reference. I passed my lesson plan ahead of time and make my materials before teaching.

I started the class through a song learning math, it was related to our lesson and for the students to also move and motivated before the class. Then I gave them a review about the shapes, I show them cut outs and they will described it. After that I gave a context clue and word problem to activate their curiosity. Then I proceeded to the discussion I first ask if they have idea how to solve the problem, and I started trough their ideas. When I know that they already have an idea step by step I show them how to solve the problem with their participation. Then I show them the formulas, after I discussed the formulas I let them try to solve one, and after that we answered it I show them how to use the formula. After solving using the different formula I proceeded to generalization, I ask what formula is appropriate to each subject. Then I proceeded to the application i group them and then each group must measure the area and perimeter of their tables, I’m glad that they got it the right answers. After evaluation the last part is evaluation which I show picture of shapes then they will get its perimeter and area.


My topic for my second actual teaching is just the same as my first actual teaching which is Perimeter and Area of triangle, rectangle and square but this tie the activity is a little bit harder than the first one. Same with teaching#1 I prepared my lesson plan and materials ahead of time.

I went to the classroom ahead of time, so before I start the class I let them clean first and arrange their tables and chairs properly, when they are done I also ask who is absent and if someone is not yet in the room. When the students are already settled I let them stand up and I ask someone to lead the song MATHEMATICS. Then when they are already energize I ask questions about shapes just like the different types of triangle and different properties of rectangle and square. The next thing I did was to activate their curiosity about the topic by giving a word problem. After that I ask what they know about perimeter and area if they can distinguish it, when they already unlocked the ideas we proceeded to computation. I presented the formula and I let them solve sample problems which the formulas can applied to, but during the discussion some students can’t understand English so well so I need to explain it with some Bahasa terms. Then after the discussion was the generalization I ask the students what they have learned. Children loves surprises so in the application part I brought a box inside the box was cut outs of triangle, square and rectangle so they will get one in the box without them knowing what shape it is. When they already have their own shapes I let them measure it and find its perimeter and area of the shape. After they are done with their application, I gave them a 5 sets of world problem as their evaluation.

Teaching #3

It was a tradition or routine here in Soedirman to pray first before the class. So before I start with my discussion I ask the leader to lead the prayer for all of them. Then I proceeded to my teaching

First I greeted he students I introduced myself to remove the gap between me and them. Our lesson is about Past Simple, and past continuous with when. Second I ask them what happen to them on the weekend. They gladly shares their experienced. I did that so that the children will be comfortable with me and throughout the class they are comfortable to say their ideas and motivated to participate in the discussion. I already get their attention so I ask them why the verb is like that, so they answered me easily. Third I proceed to the proper discussion, I presented a slides presentation which contains the different format of past simple and past continuous with when. I presented the form with example then the students will also follow it and make their own example of the format. The students were so active in giving their ideas they raised their hand at the same time. They grasp the lesson easily. During the discussion because the students were so active I need to remind them that don’t talk at the same time. Fourth when I can see that they already know the lesson , I ask them when to used past simple and past continuous, I also let them recall the different structures for past simple and past continuous with when. After the generalization I gave them and exercise about our lesson, based on the picture they should complete the sentences with the right form of verb. Then the last I gave them an activity, to evaluate them I grouped the class into two then I instructed them to make a story about past its either real or not but they must use the past simple and past continuous with when structures of sentences.

Teaching# 4

Evaluation day is a make or break for me. Last Monday I already pass my lesson plan to Miss Fifi so that if something is wrong I can fixed it ahead of time. I prepared my materials ahead of time so that everything will be okay.

I started the class by giving greetings to my students and I also ask if how was their day. I also gave them an Energizer Song and Dance before the class, to set their moods and they gladly participated. Then I activated their curiosity to the topic through closing all the lights and then tell then this is the world without ENERGY and I ask their thoughts about it and what would they feel without energy. When I get their attention already I gave them an activity which every students must a pair and I gave them a picture and they will paste it on the chart by they should decide if it’s Renewable or Non-Renewable. After the activity I started now the discussion through asking questions, ‘cause students already have the idea and I know that teacher should only a facilitator. The students enjoyed the discussion because I presented not only images but animation of the sources of Energy so that they can visualized it better how it works. I let them answer and also ask questions so that I can correct their miss conceptions and also in can support their ideas. After the discussion I proceeded to generalization where I let them recall what is energy, and what are the sources of Energy. Then for their application of learning I group the students into 5 groups and each group is named after the different sources of Energy. The group quiz was very enjoyable the students were so competitive because they all want to be the first.

1.2 Time management and organizing activities

When I made my lesson plan I consider the time that that the teacher gave to me. So I’m planning with activity I made sure that the activity is not time consuming and I consider also that there instances in the classroom that we can’t predict. Made my materials and lesson plan ahead of time, and I let the teacher in charge to check it so that if there is problem I can fix it immediately. I also went to my class as earlier than the exact time so I can fixed the classroom settings and for me to paste all I need to paste or I can set up my presentation on time. I have step by step procedure I made sure that the time frame for each activity is just right for the time given to me. I followed my lesson plan so that I have a nice flow from motivation to evaluation.

1.3 Problem-solving

My main problem in teaching was the language barrier, the books they used is in Bahasa and some students are not comfortable in speaking in English and some can’t comprehend easily if it is in English language. What I did was first for the books I ask a help from the teachers so that I will be able to understand it and I also downloaded a translation app. For the students I tried to be more communicative so that they will be comfortable to speak in the class I encouraged them to talk, I also tried to learn basic Bahasa term so that we understand with each other. I also noticed when there are times when I’m discussing and some are looking at their teacher that’s my cue that they can’t understand what I’m saying so I speak slowly and I explained again carefully and also approached the child. I also gave them words of encouragement so that they will be comfortable in talking to me. And another problem is just normal in the classroom setting that there were some naughty students, so when their attention is not in the topic anymore I called their names to recite and before the class I set some rules that they are not allowed to talk when it is not necessary.

1.4 Classroom management

I any kind of learning environment, classroom management always leads a proper and organized educational setting. It also builds and promotes a good behavior of students while they are interacting inside the classroom.

First thing I always do is to check and arrange their tables and chairs and I make sure also that the room is neat and clean. Then I set rules in the classroom to maintain orderliness in the classroom and to avoid conflicts. When there are times that the children starts to be active and noisy I raised y voice and reminds them about the rule that they are not allowed to make noise. In this way the easier to facilitate the students.

Summary and Suggestions

  • Purposes of practicum (meets or not meets your need)

The purpose is to develop the future teachers to become globally competitive teachers. To boost the confidence of every students who are joining this practicum. To widen the culture knowledge of every individual. To show that there are any things more to learn for the growth of every individual. And To opens the eye of every teacher to more diverse world of teaching and promotes culture appreciation.

  • Procedures of practicum

The first week, we did not go yet to Soedirman we had a school tour at uhamka first then the 3rd day we went to Soedirman to meet the staffs officially and have a school tour also and for the 4th and 5th day i observed classes and see how teachers handle their classes and assisted themin teaching and monitoring of the students. The second week, the first part I assisted teachers in their classes i help them in guiding the students and facilitating then actual teaching I tought 2 times with the topic Perimeter and Area . The third week was pure actual teaching, I taught 3 times, first is English about past simple and past continous, then science about sources of Energy and last was about forcea, i also assited in teachers in checking students exam and faccilitatin the class. Fourth week was exam day in Soedirman so we just assisted by monitoring the students during exam, arranging of the test questions and test papers to distributing it and collecting.

  • Outcomes of practicum

The outcome to me of this practicum did not only developed me as a future teacher but it develops me to become a better person. Through this practicum my eyes was open to more reality of the world. that there is more thing to explore and learn to the world. it gave me perspective that there still a lot of room for improvement with me. to be in another place where all you know is yourself, i learned to work independently. it also boost my confidence as future teacher specially when the students praises me. i also learned different strategies in teaching that i’m not familiar before. it also boost my confidence in speaking the English language ’cause before i’,m too shy and i’m not comfortable i speaking in English. I also got to learn more about the culture of another country like Indonesia.I appreciate the differences and how unique our differences at the same time i have loved also my culture even more. i realized also that if you have the passion to teach is your key to reach the heart of students.

  • The challenges of practicum

To be away from your home, your comfort zone and love ones is the hardest challenge in this practicum. I’m just a stranger in a strange country, though I have buddy and co-sea teacher it was still hard for me sometimes to open up with them because I’m introvert. The second challenge for me was the language differences specially with the locals, I had hard time in communicating to them if I ask something or if I buy foods because they can’t understand and they can’t speak English sometimes, and it also became a minor challenge for me when I’m teaching. Another minor challenge in the practicum was we don’t have our own TTI to guide us all trough out, and everyday new students new subject we don’t have constant mentor.

  • Overall impression

This project is a great experience for us students teacher. This project is a great opportunity for every country to share their culture to share what they have for the improvement of everyone. Through this program it develops us to become a better individual and better teacher in the future. I hope that in coming years the number of sea teachers will increased I hope many students teacher in the future will experienced also what we experienced.

  • Suggestions for future improvement

I hope that the number of the participants will be more in the future. I hope that the practicum is not just one month. And SEAMEO must check every school if they are really prepared in accepting the students. For Soedirman I hope they will use English in the intermediate level as their mode of instruction for the students to be more competitive globally.


The Things I have learned as a SEA-TEACHER

“Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone”- Billy Cox

My sea-teacher journey was wonderful though I still had some bad experiences that I encountered but that’s the reality of life. Life is not perfect so as my journey but it the end it made me a better person. Through this sea teacher program I grow as a person from the preparation until I came back from Indonesia. From the beginning I learned how to be patient, because I was the last to part of the sea-teacher.

I’m not a risk taker before but I must say joining this program is the biggest risk I made.  I’m the play safe person but through this program I got the courage to step out of my comfort zone. To be in the country you’ve never been is quite hard, doing things you’re not used to is harder, but being away from your love ones is the hardest. These were the challenges I faces through this journey, which made me stronger person.

Sea-teacher program opens my eyes to the reality of the world and what else to learn. This is true that when you step out away from your comfort zone you will see more chances and you can see what else can you do. Before I joined this program, I have many doubts in myself I don’t even have enough confidence just like the other participants maybe. Through this program my confidence as a person was boost. I’m not used in speaking in English before, but now I’m now confident to speak in English to communicate in English, I realized that I can do it I’m just hesitant before. Through this program I also see the beauty behind the differences of different culture. I learned to understand the culture of Indonesia as well as their religion, I have so much respect how faithful and disciplined they are. In understanding and respecting other culture, I also appreciate more the own culture.

Sea-teacher program opens my eyes to a better teaching world. That there are still strategies to discover for better teaching, there still room for improvement for education. The teaching world is hard but wonderful. Through this program I learned to love teaching even more. After the program I know I still have more to learn but I’m proud to say that I am now equipped with experience. I learned to work independently, to make lesson on my own and to do my materials all alone. I learned how to make used of the materials I have for activities.

My whole sea-teacher experience thought me how to take risk in reaching my dreams. All the experiences made me a better individual now and I will treasure it forever.

Hello Philippines

It’s nice to be back again to the country where you belong. Around 6: 30 AM when we landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. We ate breakfast at the airport then went to the bus terminal it took us 9 hours of travel until we saw our love one’s again. I feel so tired but worth it. my Sea-Teacher journey comes to its end but the learning and experiences on this journey will be embeded with me, experience that I will always be proud of and learnings that makes me a better person.



Day 27-Last Day in Indonesia (Closing program)

Time flies so fast, I couldn’t imagine my journey as Sea-Teacher in Indonesia comes to it’s end. Once again we gathered to the room where we had our first chitchats together, but this time we were not here to introduce ourselves anymore we are here to say goodbye and thank you to all the people who accommodate us and become close to our heart. We made a simple presentation of our journey in Indonesia to our coordinators and after that we gave them simple tokens for them to always remember us. UHAMKA also gave us certificates . Then we eat again all together for the last time before we headed to the airport.



I will surely miss this place and the people whom I encountered that I became friends with and specially my students, my very sweet students of Soedirman. Goodbye for now Indonesia, but see you again soon.


Day 26 ( February 15,2019)- Last Bonding

Time to explore Jakarta for the last time.Prior this day I asked Dinda if we can go out. Dinda was so nice to accompany us and have a bonding with us for the last time.

With Dinda

We rode a train going to central Jakarta and it is my first time.

Inside the train

First we went to Kota Tua. Kota Tua means old town. If Ilocos has Vigan then Jakarta has Kota Tua. Indonesia was colonized by duth so in Kota Tua we saw colonial style Dutch structures.

Second We went to the biggest Cathedral in Indonesia, I was amazed with the structure of the church it is very beautiful and elegant.

In front of the Cathedral

Third we went to Istiqlal the biggest mosque in Indonesia. Which is just in front the Cathedral. What a nice scenery to see a biggest mosque and cathedral just facing each other, you can see the respect on both religion.

Museum mandiri

Fourth we went to Plaza Indonesia one of the biggest malls in Indonesia and it was very luxurious mall.

Then we went to National Museum just in front of Monas.

Beautiful work of art in front of the National Museum of Indonesia

Day 25 (February 14,2019)- My Valentine’s Day

Love, Love, Love. My Valentine’s Day was wonderful I may not have a romantic date but I have dates with my dorm mates. I also received love letters not from a man but from my students. I also received a gift not from a secret admirer but from Miss Nur and Sir Eddie. See I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Soedirman has been our training ground for almost a month. Training ground that I will never forget.

We went there at 10 am while roaming around because we will surely miss this school specially the students. The students run to us and hug us, some were very sad that we will go back to the Philippines already and they said to us to please comeback. We had a simple farewell with the vice curriculum of the Mr. Eddie and Ms. Nurhikmat they handed us our certificates and they also gave us a presents. After that we went to every class we handle to say goodbye.

With the caring and very patient Ms. Nurhikmat,
Awarding of certificates

Exchange of tokens

With some students of Soedirman
I’m so glad tha I’m part of the Sea- Teachers program of Seameo

Letter from a students and the gift from Ms. Nur
My 3Aks boy students
My 3H girls students
With the vice curriculum Mr. EDDIE

Since we only have few days left in Indonesia, I promised to myself I need to taste some of their famous food. So I bought bakso for lunch, and I did not regret it, the taste is so good specially the giant meat balls.


I also met UMI one of the sea- teacher from UHAMKA and she gave me Mie Ayam. The Mie Ayam has a sweet taste and it was so good also.

Mie Ayam

I also bought some street foods.Like Chicken intestine, molen and onde-onde which is a mini butchi.

Chicken Intestine
Onde-onde and molen

Dinda was so generous she gave us mangosteen and dragon fruit. Since then I really want to know how mangosteen taste like, but it was so expensive in Ilocos that’s why I never tried to taste it before, so I’m glad that I was able to taste mangosteen in Indonesia.

Mangosteen and dragon fruit

At Night we had a small gathering in our room we envited our dormates to bond with us. They are the one who really helped us at the dorm. The night was full of fun we talked so many silly things and some are even singing. It’s so nice that with them we feel comfortable they made our stay in Indonesia worth remembering.

Day 24 (February 13,2019)- Examination Day 3 ( Assisting)

It was still a Examination day in Soedirman. So I’m assigned again as facilitator I assisted Ms. Nurhikmat in arranging the test questions and papers. I’m the one who were disturbing it from one room to another then after that I will collect it also then arrange again. I also helped Ms. Nur in checking the test papers of her students. Until a sudden surprised came one of our students Aliyah gave us a present. I couldn’t believe that my simple way of teaching them have touched her hearts, the Thank You is already enough for me but still she gave me present.

Day 23 (February 12, 2018)- Day 2 of Examination (Assisting Day)

The second day of Examination me and my fellow students Teacher arrived at Soedirman early in the morning. Since we are early I helped in arranging the test papers before it will distribute. When it was time for exam but Miss Nisa is not yet around I just get the test papers and test questions and I went immediately to the assigned room. First I asked if they already done with there prayer. Second I asked if there’s absent. Next I instructed them what to do and I gave some reminders in taking the exam. Then I distributed the test paper and test questions. I also monitored the students during exam I need scold them when they are standing and looking at the answer of their classmates. I was the one who collected it also.

We move again to another room which is 3F I must say they are the naughtiest class is I handle. Miss Nisa is not around again when it’s time for the exam. They were playing when I entered the room, so I need to maximize my voice so that they can hear me. I introduced myself first before I instructed them to arrange their table and chairs and put the unnecessary things on their bags. When everything was set already I distributed their test papers and test questions. During the exam they are so noisy so I raised my voice and scold them. They don’t have focus on the test,so I keep reminding them to take the test seriously and stop talking and playing. With constant reminder I’m glad they obeyed me. After the test I collected their paper. I passed it to the faculty room. While waiting for Twinkle we had time to bond with some of our students in IV-I and som students from other class also went to us to say goodbye but they said they are very sad because we’re leaving soon.

Day 22- Examination Day 1

Examination week at Soedirman this week, so this day we assisted the teachers in facilitating the examination. I assisted Miss Nisa in Grade 3 section C andD. Miss Nisa assigned me as the exam facilitator I distributed the answer sheets and test questions. I was the one who monitor the students during the exam and after it I also collect their answer sheets. After my duty to Grade 3 C and D, I also assisted in the faculty room in arranging the test papers.

Day 21- Trying Nasi Goreng

You must reward yourself a good food after a tiring day. All we did this day was to translate some of our school profile for the blog. It was not easy looking at your laptop all day day long so I said I should try Nasi Goreng. Nasi Goreng is simply fried rice but with Indonesian twist. The nasi goreng was a little bit spicy but it taste so good.

Nasi goreng